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Contact: GPO Box 682, Brisbane Qld 4001

ARHS(Q), Rosewood Railway's 'Red Fred' at Cabanda station, Lynn Zelmer photo.

Rosewood Railway Museum, Rosewood-Kunkala: ARHS(Q)

ARHS(Q) maintains, restores and operates an extensive collection of ex-QR (Queensland Rail or its predecessor Queensland Government Railways) locomotives and rolling stock near Rosewood in the hills southwest of Ipswich.

The collection includes Rail Motor 55 (above) aka 'Red Fred' built circa 1930, two other rail motors, 11 steam and diesel locomotives, and roughly 50 passenger and goods wagons built since 1877.

The society also publishes the 'Sunshine Express' and a number of books, and operates rail tours using heritage equipment.

In common with most heritage operations, the Rosewood Railway Museum is operated by volunteers. The line from Rosewood to Perry's Nob was recently opened to provide more comvenient access on operating days and the members hope eventually to restore the connection from there to Cabanda, and someday towards Marburg. Individuals willing to assist with these operation, restoration and expansion tasks are encouraged to join.

Details on the society's web site.

ARHS signage at Rosewood Railway, Kunkala

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