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Contact: info @ qpsr.net
PO Box 483, Booval Qld 4304

Ex-ANGRMS' Kilrie at Queensland Pioneer Steam Railway's 'Swanbank' station (ex-Forest Hill). Lynn Zelmer photo, 6/08/06, Lynn Zelmer photo.

Queensland Pioneer Steam Railway, Swanbank

QPSR has been at the Queensland Rail branch line to Box Flat since 1982 recreating the atmosphere of Queensland Railways branch lines between 1900 and the 1960s. They have several locomotives (steam and diesel) as well as a variety of rolling stock, both operational and being restored.

Details on the museum's web site.

Above: Ex-ANGRMS' Kilrie (0-4-2T, #265 of 1924, Perry Engineering, Adelaide) at Queensland Pioneer Steam Railway's 'Swanbank' station (ex-Forest Hill). Kilrie, a 3' 6" gauge locomotive, last worked at the Pioneer Sugar Mill. Lynn Zelmer photo, 6/08/06.

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