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The photograph of cane (above right) being loaded at South Isis on the North Coast Railway c 1900 is representative of the early photographic materials in the Library's sugar cane-related collections; copies of most of the materials can be purchased for a reasonable price. [14 ST, Photo/Railway Dept Album A3 p 7, 83-8-12, #39924]

Contact: 07 3840 7880

Image from John Oxley Library. [14 ST, Photo/Railway Dept Album A3 p 7, 83-8-12, #39924].

State Library of Queensland: John Oxley Library, Brisbane

The John Oxley Library is a research and preservation library and does not lend materials from its collection. However, the staff are very helpful, materials can often be copied and images (maps, photographs, etc.) purchased at reasonable rates.

Of particular interest to railfans is the photographic collection, one image from which is shown above. Contact library staff prior to visiting the library to ensure that the materials you want will be available, and where they are located.

Details on the Library's own web site.

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