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Laheys Canungra Tramway Tunnel, SE Queensland, Lynn Zelmer photo.

Lahey's Canungra Tramway Tunnel

This is almost all that remains of a small timber tramway about 65 km south of Brisbane and east of Beaudesert.

The Lahey family arrived into the Canungra area in 1884 and built a mill to utilise the timber from a number of 'selections' granted to himself and his family. The tramway was started with a survey in 1900 and, although generally built with steep grades and sharp curves, it was constructed to 3' 6" gauge with the hope of eventually connecting to QR... at that point some 22 miles away. The tramway was dismantled in the early 1930s.

Morgan and Stamford's book Laheys' Canungra Tramway (published 2000, Light Railway Research Society of Australia) has a good history of the line with photographs, maps and both locomotive (a Climax) and rolling stock drawings.

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