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Vale Moreton Mill, Lynn Zelmer photo.

Vale Moreton Mill -- 1897-2003, Nambour

Moreton Mill in Nambour was arguably the best known sugar mill in Queensland as it was the closest mill to Brisbane with a continuing 2' gauge rail operation. It was also somewhat infamous for its rail line running through the business centre to connect the Howard Street yard with the mill.

The sugar industry suffered somewhat at the turn of the 21st century, mill ownership changed, urbanisation took some of the mill's sugar lands out of production, and the local Council was increasingly reluctant to allow 'B Doubles' to operate through the center of the city 24 hours per day during the crushing season.

As a result, the mill closed in 2003, with the mill controlled lands being managed for development and the remaining independent cane farmer trucking their cane to mills further afield.

Sugar Mill railways

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