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Willow station on Ron Fox's On42 QR diorama, Ron Fox photo.

Modelling Queensland Rail in On42

On42 is the modelling designation for modelling Queensland Rail's 3 foot 6 inch gauge (42 inches) in 'O' scale... with O scale being one-quarter inch to the foot (1:48 scale).

Ron Fox, Buddina, and Ron Aubrey, Yandina, are two well known Queensland model makers developing 1/4 inch to the foot (1:48) scale models. Ron's 2005 diorama (above) has been exhibited at the Brisbane Model Train Show and similar events. The diorama portrays a small Queensland station back in the Queensland Government Railways' steam era and many items have been scratch- or custom-built.

The 1:48 Special Interest Group provides support for 1/4 inch to the foot modellers.

Other common scales used by QR modellers include Sn42 (S scale, 3/16 inch to the foot, 1:64) using 16.5 mm track (thus using HO gauge components) or HOn42 (HO scale, 3.5 mm to the foot, 1:87) using 12 mm gauge track.

Ron Aubrey also builds O scale models of industrial railways with a track gauge of 18 inches (On18) and sugar cane railways with 24 inch gauge (On24), thus requiring track components, wheelsets and mechanisms to be scratch-built.

Most Queensland cane railway modellers working in O scale use a scale of 7 mm to the foot (1:43) and 16.5mm track... ie they use an oversize ~26 inch gauge.

Increasingly, modellers are working with On30 for sugar cane railways (1:48 using 16.5 mm gauge track). While this gauge is significantly oversize (~30 inches) many HO components can be used, thus avoiding the need to scratch-build many components.

CaneSIG, a resource for cane railway modellers, has details including a detailed article on choosing your scale and gauge on it's web site.

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