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MELSA members raising steam at the Calliope River Historical Village, Oct 2006. Lynn Zelmer photo.

MELSA: Model Engineers and Live Steamers Association

Live steamer groups can be found in many Australian communities, large and small, and many of them are part of the umbrella MELSA organisation. Members often build their own locomotives... typically taking several thousand hours to do so, and all are normally happy to have visitors ride on their miniature trains.

While many of the locomotives have foreign prototypes, some members follow do Australian profile. A selection of MELSA groups follows:

Calliope River Historical Village: 5" and 7 1/4" miniature trains on Market Sundays and other operating days.

Maryborough: 5" and 3.5" gauges, last Sunday in every month at Queens Park for miniature live steam trains and Mary Ann (historical replica engine). Details

Rockhampton: 5" and 3.5" gauges, third Sunday in every month, Rotary Park at Cambridge and Campbell Streets. Details

MELSA safety rules

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