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Contact: lynn @ zelmeroz.com
Box 1414, Rockhampton QLD 4700 Australia

Carl Millington's scratch built HOn30 model of the Isis Mill tamper, Lynn Zelmer photo.

CaneSIG: The Cane Railway (Tramline) Modelling Special Interest Group

This web-based special interest group helps preserve, develop and exchange information for the modelling of sugar cane railways worldwide. CaneSIG affiliates with other organisations, such as the NMRA, with broader modelling or historical purposes as appropriate, but membership in the SIG itself remains open to any individual who supports the objectives of assisting cane railway modellers.

Materials on the web site include downloadable handbook series on modelling Queensland's cane railways, thousands of cane railway plans and photographs (Australia, Fiji, Indonesia, Hawaii, Cuba, etc.), modelling tips, free downloadable card models, etc.

Details on the CaneSIG web site.

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