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Queensland's rail heritage operations are state accredited and operate under regulations that ensure human comfort/safety and environmental protection.

Most are operated by volunteers and are looking for additional members to assist with operational and maintenance duties. While some tasks require specialised skills/training, many can be done by almost anyone. These include mowing, cleaning, sales, guiding visitors, fund raising, etc., as well as track maintenance and other heavy duties.

Follow up any of the operating railways or tour groups listed by tourist zones for details.

Constructing a new set of points on the Durundur Railway, Woodford, Lynn Zelmer photo.

Modeller, Heritage and Railfan Organisations

Railways inspire researchers, modellers and railfans, as well as support groups and regulators... and Queensland's mainline, branch, shire and cane railways are no exception. This selection is representative, rather than being exhaustive.

Australian Model Railway Magazine

Section Car Operators (ASSCO)

Association of Tourist Railways Queensland (ATRQ)


Light Railway Research (LRRSA)

Model Engineers and Live Steamers Association

Modelling the Railways of Queensland Convention

Narrow Gauge Down Under Magazine

Queensland Modelling at the Workshops Rail Museum

Queensland modelling in 1:48 scale

Queensland Rail modelling in On42

Queensland Transport: Rail Safety

Trespassing on QR property (pdf file from ATRQ).

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