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Tourist and heritage railways are also required to adhere to the rail safety regime with risk assessment, accreditation documentation and medical exams for volunteers now part of the operational requirements. Most volunteers will also be required to hold a current 'Blue Card' for child-related employment.

QR Staff Reunion, Rockhampton, 2004, Lynn Zelmer photo.

National Standard for Health Assessment of Rail Safety Workers

From 1 July 2004 Australia has had a consistent system across all states for rail safety. It was developed by the National Transport Commission and approved by the Australian Transport Council (ATC).

The standard provides a common working environment across Australia, particularly important as operating companies provide rail services across state boundaries. 'It aims to make the national rail system safer for everyone and to help rail workers maintain sound health and fitness.

An earlier iteration of this page provided some direct links for documentation but due to the on-going nature of the rail safety environment it makes more sense to retrieve current documentation with an on-line search.

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