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The photograph of Victoria Mill (above right) is representative of the early photographic materials in the collection; copies of most of the materials can be purchased for a reasonable price.

Contact: Bldg 76, Balmain Crescent, Acton ACT 0200
E-mail: butlin.archives @ anu.edu.au

Representative image from CSR Collection at Noel Butlin Archives Centre, ANU. Neg 6528.

Noel Butlin Archives, Australia National University

The archives may be best known for their labour materials, but individuals serious about sugar cane railway history know the Butlin as the location of the CSR corporate archives... correspondence and other papers, as well as photographs and maps, from their operations in Australia and Fiji.

The CSR Collection remains the property of CSR, thus access to the collection and publication of materials from the collection are subject to prior approval. However, the extensive collection provides a fascinating glimpse into the people and activities of a major Australasian company... and the Butlin staff are always very willing to assist researchers in their work.

The Archives have a limited web presence but it will save time to examine the online indexes and seek permission to access materials prior to visiting the ANU location as the CSR Collection is quite large... and don't forget that prior approval is required to access the collection.

Details on the Archive's own web site.

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