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Ex-Queensland cane locomotives at the Illawarra Light Rail Museum Society, NSW, 2001, Lynn Zelmer photo.

Outside Queensland

Historical artefacts and information can often be found far from where they originated.

The archives for some Queensland and Fijian sugar mills, for example, are at the ANU in Canberra since the Colonial Sugar Refinery headquarters were in nearby Sydney. Likewise, some of Queensland's locomotives and other operational artefacts (QGR/QR, cane and shire) can be found in almost all Australian states and overseas.

ARHS: Australian Rail Historical Society - Queensland (Divisions in each state). In Queensland, operators of Rosewood Rail Museum.

Noel Butlin Archives, ANU, Canberra

ILRMS: Illawarra Light Railway Museum Society, NSW

LRRSA: Light Railway Research Society of Australia

National Rail Safety

National Railway Museum, Adelaide

Thailand: QR's SX sets

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