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Phone: 4934 4293, 4934 4474
E-mail: mtchalmershistory @ cqnet.com.au

2017 Brochure.

Mt Chalmers QR station building, Lynn Zelmer photo.

Mt Chalmers Community History Centre

The Mt Chalmers Community History Centre Inc is situated in the sleepy village of Mt Chalmers, no more than 40 kms from the city of Rockhampton.

The history centre displays a pictorial collection of a once thriving town, built on the wealth of a gold and copper mine, the establishment of the railway, school and subsequent trades and businesses relevant to a town's needs. The centre itself is the 100-year-old school principal's residence, of which part is the provisional school built in 1901.

The mine and the railway, which was constructed in 1908, complemented each other, and over time there have been many station buildings. Sadly the line was closed in 2007 and only part of a platform remains.

During the 1980s the underground mine became 'open cut' and the ore was transported to the railhead, where it was railed to Mt Morgan for treatment. The mine was closed by 1990, and today very little remains of the once thriving town.

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