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Horse-drawn sugar wagons carting cane to the mill at Farnborough (right). Photo RR Armstrong Album from 'A Swamp to a Town'.

Contact: PO Box 1900, Yeppoon QLD 4703
E-mail: marybevis @ bigpond.com

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Capricorn Coast Historical Society

The Capricorn Coast Historical Society is a local history society with an extensive paper-based collection. A recent grant has made it possible for the society to publish a number of A4 local histories and efforts are under way to digitise the collection.

Publications include:

A Swamp to a town: Yeppoon 1865 to 1890 by Anton Schick. (2009) 52 pages (A4), illustrated. $8 each
Traces the origins and growth of this delightful seaside town from the first settlers in the district, gives details of the first land sales, first dwelling, first businesses and describes the difficulties of using public transport to visit the beach for a holiday.
Yeppoon: the paradise of the pleasure seeker. 24 pages of photographs. $10
Facsimile reprint of a 1930s booklet.
Yeppoon... memories of the war years 1939-1945 by Norma Hempenstall (2005) 94 pages, illustrated. $10 each
Recollections of the effects of World War 2 on the people of Yeppoon, with personal anecdotes and original photographs of events and servicemen and women
Sharing the memories, Rockhampton 1939-1945 by Norma Hempenstall (2007) 134 pages, illustrated. $10 each
Companion volume to the title above, this time about Rockhampton and its people
In Their Own Words: writings from the First World War by Norma Hempenstall (2008). 54 pages (A4) illustrated. $10 each
Accompany five local men as they document their experiences in private war diaries and letters, written from the front lines in Gallipoli and France during the First World War. An ambulance bearer, an army chaplain and three ordinary soldiers display incredible resourcefulness, bravery and compassion in the face of peril.

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