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BPHTI Background information.

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Restoration work on the Buderim Palmwoods Heritage Tramway's Krauss locomotive, Garth Fraser photo.

Buderim Palmwoods Heritage Tramway Inc

The tramway had two steam locomotives, the original being a German built Krauss 0-6-2 built in 1914 to 30" gauge, plus an American Shay geared loco built in 1915. After closure in 1935, the Krauss was sold to Bingera Sugar Mill at Bundaberg, and regauged to the common sugar industry gauge of 24" by Walker of Maryborough. It was later owned by steam enthusiast Mike Loveday, and spent some time at the Australian Narrow Gauge Railway Museum (ANGRMS) at Woodford.

The Shay was dismantled and parts sold for use on sugar mill Shays. The boiler and possibly the frame lay at Palmwoods station for many years, before being buried in the enlarged embankment of the Palmwoods railway station when the north-coast line was electrified in early 1988. The steam dome and boiler top are visible, but QR have declined to excavate it due to its proximity to overhead lines.

In July 2003, acquisition of the Krauss loco was discussed with its then owner G Chapman, but with no definite outcome. Somewhat later, activities of the Martin's Creek Headwaters Action Group (MCHAG) resulted in discovery and reconstruction of a portion of the old right-of-way where it crossed the creek. Follow up investigations resulted in MCHAG's independent 'discovery' of the Krauss, and further negations by their team with G Chapman on behalf of BPHTI. The outcome was its purchase, with MSC support, for $8000.

BPHTI sees no prospect of being able to operate the Krauss-built loco in its original environment, as so much of the old line has been resold and built on. Toward Palmwoods, most of it has been incorporated into farms. BPHTI considers that heritage interest in the Tramway can be best fulfilled by a static display of the cosmetically restored locomotive.

The most appropriate site was deemed to be in the small park in the centre of Buderim, to the east of Lindsay Road, near where the original terminus station once stood. With a building to house and protect the locomotive, along with memorabilia and display boards for photos, maps, and explanatory texts, it is very accessible to residents and visitors alike.

BPHTI has since formed a Krauss Restoration Group with independent funding to undertake the restoration. About $10,000 has been raised so far from raffles, donations, and a State Government Grant. Most of the work is being performed by volunteers with tasks requiring specialist equipment being sub-contracted locally.

The cosmetic restoration is now complete (2011) but negotiations are continuing over the final location of the locomotive and interpretive site.

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