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Valdora (EM Baldwin DH)

Valdora was purchased from Bundaberg Sugar (latest owners of the now defunct Moreton Sugar Mill, Nambour) in November 2004. In running order when purchased, the loco was fully refurbished by early 2005 and will allow the Society to operate at least one extra day per week... while maintaining steam operation on the weekends.

Valdora, an 8 ton diesel mechanical locomotive, was built by EM Baldwin (sn 6/1258.5 6.65) of Castle Hills, NSW. It's quite similar to ex-Moreton Mill loco Maroochy, and the two were fitted with multiple-unit controls so that they could be operated together (The 'Twins').

Both locos underwent numerous changes over the years with Valdora's enclosed cab being one of the most noticeable.

Valdora has been fully restored with the same paint scheme as it finished work at Moreton Mill in 2003. It re-entered service with the Australian Sugar Cane Railway on 3 September 2005.

Valdora, 2004

Valdora, outside the ASCR loco shed, 2004.

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