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Australian Sugar Cane Railway, Bundaberg

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Tourist Carriages (ex-cane bin frames)

These were constructed locally from cane bin frames and, until recently, were fairly rough riding due to the lack of adequate springing. However, Harvey Flanders, a new member and the former Chief Engineer of Mulgrave Mill, thought out the coil springing that was recently (early 2005) applied to all the carriages.

Every carriage has a new coupling, also designed by Harvey Flanders who reckons it should be patented... it looks very simple but took a lot of time to think it out and trial.

All of our locomotives and the first carriage are being changed to to Willison auto couplers. This will change the look of them but the conversion to auto couplers will make it a lot easier and safer moving rolling stock around as now we have 4 engines in running order.

The carriages ran with a green paint scheme until 2006, but were stripped and sent to Bundaberg Sandblasting for repainting. The carriages now have new timber under the roof and a red paint scheme. This is the first time any paint work has been undertaken on the carriages since running commenced in November 1988.

ASCR carriages in red paint, June 2006

Carriages in their new red paint scheme, 17 June 2006, prior to receiving their gold striping and number plates.

ASCR carriages and Invicta, Nov 2007

Invicta pulling the ASCR carriages on one of its first runs, 17 November 2007.