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BFC No 3 (Bundaberg Fowler 0-4-2T)

Built by the Bundaberg Foundry in 1952 and first commissioned on 5th June 1952, it spent its working life in the sugar industry, firstly at Mourilyan Sugar Mill, where it served until the late 1960s. It then saw service at Millaquin Sugar Mill until the mid 1970s, after which it went to Qunaba Sugar Mill until its retirement in 1979.

The locomotive was donated to the Society for restoration in 1981. It was restored by the Society and recommissioned on 20th November 1988. In 1991 the locomotive was fitted with a new fire box and tubes by the Bundaberg Foundry.

The Bundaberg Foundry built locomotives under license from the UK; No 3 was the only 0-4-2T constructed, the rest being 0-6-2T configuration.

One of the flood damaged locomotives, BFC3 will be recommissioned late 2014.

BFC 3 at main station

BFC 3 waiting at the main station, Bundaberg Botanic Gardens, on 27 December 2004.

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