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Photos and Notes

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Notes describing some items in the collection; indexes of books, etc., in the library; and an asset listing can all be downloaded from the Archives/Downloads page.

Social History

Museums are more than their buildings and collections... the Archer Park Rail Museum looks back towards the 1930s in Rockhampton and Central Queensland.

The Purrey Steam Tram is the last survivor of the trams and which served Rockhampton and area. The QR locomotives, carriages, and wagons are representative of the region's rail operations.

Section cars, trolleys and rail tractor help you understand the life of a railway fettler or how small locomotives were used in construction and industry. The signal box, station office and other static displays are 'staffed' with lifelike mannequins 'speaking' through a digital sound system.

The station refreshment room and static displays provide a glimpse at a bygone era when rail was the primary form of transportation.

Current Photos for Sharing

Intricate Details Photography will be taking photos at all our Family Fun Days and uploading them for all to access. Anyone accessing these photos can have free download for social media sharing. If they want a print, they have a special price of $10 each (8 x 10 inch), and Archer Park Rail Museum will share in the profits from these sales. View IDP photos

Note that the IDP site doesn't work with Internet Explorer, you must use Chrome or other browser.

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Station and Inhabitants: Station   Mannequins

Purrey Steam Tram Current   Historical

Restoration   Centennial, 7/06/09

Collection: QR 1614 diesel loco   QR 988 C17 steam loco

Citra Billard locotractor

QR 434 GM's car   QR Sleeping car

Section Cars   Miscellaneous

Activities: Friends, etc.   CQ rail heritage groups

QR/PN: Rockhampton   Yeppoon   Mt Morgan