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Interpretive Resources

The collection and historical notes describe the museum's collection and explain Queensland's rail heritage. They've generally been written a high school level and are guides to finding further information in the historical sources.

A large selection of photographs are available on the Collection/Photos page.

Archival Material

The Museum also has a small archival collection (newspaper clippings, journal articles, etc.) which is slowly being digitised. Most documents have been scanned, often from photocopies, thus quality varies. Files are generally in pdf format with quite large file sizes for longer documents.

Exhibit and Library Listings

The Technical Books, General Books and Rules and Timetables are normally available for viewing at the Museum, although advance notice may be required. Items on the Exhibit Catalogue may be on current display or have been rotated into storage. Check before visiting if you want to see something specific.

Copyright Restrictions

Documents and other materials on this site may be freely downloaded but are © copyrighted and have been provided for personal research purposes only. Any publication or commercial use of these materials must be cleared a the document's author(s) and the Museum Coordinator.

Commercial Materials

The Archer Park Rail Museum gift shop has a number of historical and popular rail heritage publications available for putchase.

Poster & Colouring Page

Download A4 rail heritage poster (pdf file)
Link to Archer Park A4 poster

Download a Tram/Carriage Shade colouring sheet (pdf file)
Link to Archer Park colouring sheet

Download for personal research use only