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The image collection contains over 11,000 images and is a resource shared with the Zelmeroz.com, ASCR, Archer Park Rail Museum, ANGRMS and other web sites.

The search engine works on captions supplied by the photographers and/or content identification at time of inclusion in the collection. Results are on exact matches only, so keep your search requests simple.

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Repair at ASCR after the flood, 2011, Ross Driver photo.

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This site has effective closed 15 June 2019 and will cease to exist on or before 23 April 2020. Major sections of the site have already been wiped and it continues to exist simply to advise users to look elsewhere.

QldRailHeritage.com is a 'portal' web site featuring rail-oriented museums, rail tours, railfan and preservation groups, model railroaders, etc., either located in Queensland or having holdings and activities related to Queensland's rail heritage.

By showcasing such a wide range of rail-oriented groups it provides easy assess for visitors, researchers, and the general public wanting up-to-date tourist and historical information.

Illustrated presentation on the role of QldRailHeritage.com in helping preserve Queensland's rail heritage. [pdf file]

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