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SIG Contact: Ron Aubrey, PO Box 1180, Nambour QLD 4560

Jim Hutchinson's O scale section car shed.

1-48 Queensland Narrow Gauge SIG

The SIG provides support for 1/48th scale (1:48, 1/4" to the foot) Queensland profile railway modellers. QGR/QR models are modelled with a true to scale 42" gauge (On42), sugar cane trams with a 24" gauge (On2 or On24, depending on whether you follow North American or English naming conventions).

O-Aust Kits manufactures Queensland Rail wagons for On30 and On42. Details on the manufacturer's web site.

Ron Aubrey, explaining the 1:48 modelling SIG at the 2005 Brisbane Miniature Train Show. Lynn Zelmer photo

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